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The Clarinet of the 21st Century
As the clarinet enters the fourth century of its existence, this workshop will examine its recent past and will also look to the future. Various extended techniques such as multiphonics, timbre trills, microtones, and glissando to name a few, will be discussed and demonstrated. Part of this workshop will demonstrate how a mastery of these extended techniques will enhance the performance of conventional repertoire as well. Compositions of the last decade will be demonstrated and performed.

Since the advent of electronic music within the last half century, the performance of music for a solo instrument with electronic enhancement has played an increasingly vital role. This workshop will discuss and demonstrate the use of the clarinet in the varied world of electronic music. Many compositions will be presented in various categories: clarinet with prerecorded electronics, real-time processing, computer, and visuals. Consequently, these various electronic enhancements may be heard in a musical context.

Repertoire Development
While the clarinet has in its repertoire works of incomparable beauty and sophistication, there are fewer major compositions for the clarinet than many other instruments such as violin and piano. Rather than confining recital programs to a constant repetition of well known masterworks, it is important to explore other compositions that will help make a recital program an event of discovery rather than a rehash of overly familiar material. In addition to exploring new pieces for the clarinet in various combinations, this workshop will include a discussion and demonstration of earlier but lesser known works for the instrument.

Fundamentals Revisited
The importance of continual study of basic fundamentals of clarinet performance cannot be overemphasized. Work on scales, intervals, pattern studies, long tones, articulation, finger and hand position, and breath control should be a part of every clarinetist's daily routine. Fresh and innovative approaches to these basic techniques, coupled with traditional methods, will be demonstrated and discussed. This workshop will include a number of handouts that will help enhance daily practice. A mastery of these fundamentals will form the basis of artistic clarinet performance and will enhance sight reading ability.

Improvisation for the Non-Improviser
A variety of techniques will be integrated to introduce solid fundamentals of jazz improvisation to instrumentalists who do not improvise.

Jazz Piano for the Classical Pianist
Left hand voicing, comping, and solo techniques will be the focus of this workshop, providing a bridge from the classical piano domain to the land of piano jazz.

Sunrise, Sunset: A Day in the Life of a Professional Musician
Learn inside tips on how to improve your/your students' musical marketability. From chamber to orchestral work, from rock & roll to the classical avant-garde, all bases are covered, peppered with practical suggestions and real-life stories.

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